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Job Placement Assistance

     While students are attending classes and workshops, they may seek employment assistance with the Job Placement Staff who cultivates relationships with the business community. The Job Placement Director together with his staff interviews job-ready students in assessing their work skills and determining their employability. After careful evaluation, students receive resume writing and preparation assistance, and are then set for an interview appointment. It is important for students to actively attend school, and show good academic and behavioral status as a qualifying step to receive job placement assistance.

      In addition to OPMI Business School Job Placement Assistance, students are motivated to engage in self-directed job search, and are welcome to share (unused) job leads through the internal job network.

      OPMI Business School Inc. was founded on the principal of assisting students in seeking meaningful employment upon program completion. To that end, OPMI employs a Job Placement Services Staff dedicated to offering students, graduates and alumni career development services, including placement assistance.


     While OPMI Business School will make every conceivable effort in assisting students with career placement, we cannot guarantee that each student will be placed.